Streaming Video examples

These two videos don't "autoplay" (better) so you have to push the play button.
First video is my parents home with my wife Sue where I made my Mum take a photo with my new video camera, she mistakenly took a video and this is the result. The second video is another video of Jimmy Cat dancing.

Do I really sound like that? Listen for my commentary when playing the Jimmy Cat dancing video (below).

I sound like the drunken fish wife's drunken husband!...

Oh well...

This exercise was to show an alternative to having to "host" your videos on Youtube, and then used Youtube's embedding script.

YouTube has constraints like being "public" and a time limit of 15minutes and maximum file size allowable of 2GB.

Using flowplayer gets around those constraints and are also a cheap option to implement.

The video files are "hosted" on the server where my website files are held.

I first had to convert my video files from .avi to .flv and then I uploaded them via FTP which was a lot quicker than using YouTube.

They were then embedded with Flowplayer scripting which is fairly simple but not as simple as Youtube.

Flowplayer is a freeware video player with player customisation and embedding options.

I didn't use the Flowplayer conversion facility and I chose to use another video conversion programme though which was separate and a bit quicker with more file formats available.
I used AVS Video Converter and and it cost $39 for a 1 year licence.

To get rid of the Flowplayer branding and replace it with Hardweb branding would cost me between $95 and $55 per domain name licence, depending on how many I bought.

If you want have streaming videos on your website using this method please call or email me to see if I can help you.

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Streaming Video News
None to mention really. I haven't progressed my own self hosted video skills as I tend to use Youtube which has more reach.
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