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Hard web provides SEO services to Gold Coast and other Qld businesses.

SEO is the practice of improving the organic (unpaid) ranking of websites in the search engine’s listing pages.
In Australia the focus of SEO is on the biggest search provider which is Google but also to a lesser extent Yahoo and Bing.

Hard Web knows that SEO’s clear objective is to improve the organic rankings for your website for the targeted keywords that I will research and decide to be of high volume (lots of people use the keywords) and that are closely aligned with the actual services or products you are selling.

As my SEO customer you must be willing to provide me with quality content to fill specific webpages on your website. This will be done under my guidance but I cannot write your quality content for you.
See below for adapted questionnaire you must answer regarding what is quality content?

I provide SEO for not only new websites but existing websites where I didn’t design the initial website.

I have now decided to limit my offer of SEO services to HTML based websites and only two CMS (content management system) based websites, those made with WordPress and Bigcommerce.

The experiences I have had with trying to do SEO on the myriad of other CMS’s is that success depends too much on the CMS not on my skills, I also I wasted a lot of time familiarising myself with a CMS which may or may not provide the capability to do effective SEO.

Search engine optimisation (or optimization) is a special area of interest and one where I have had some spectacular results for my clients (even if I do say so myself!).

I specialise in integrating your website into the Google ecosystem which includes installing Google Analytics, registering your website with Google Search Console (formerly webmaster tools) and making sure the Google+ for business page (now updated with a very good “My Business” interface) has accurate information and is being listed favourably.
Note that the Google+ for business page is where your Google maps listing’s information is drawn from.
The maps listing info was formerly taken from Google Places, then both Places and G+ and now thankfully it is just Google+ or more properly as of June/July 2014 Google My Business.

SEO with AI + Me I

I believe that the only long term SEO strategy that works is by legitimate means or what is called in the trade; white-hat SEO which involves regularly producing fresh, original and what Google calls quality content for your website and it’s pages.

In Australia the search engine user base is overwhelmingly dominated by one search engine Google, so I place great importance on following and implementing the clear guidelines set down by Google for correct web design & SEO practices, please see Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If you wish to further your SEO knowledge you must also read the legendary Google SEO primer called the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.
It is a 32 page .PDF first published by Google in Nov 2008 and updated in Sep 2010.
After you have read and absorbed those two sources you will know more about SEO than 99.9% of the world’s website owners and about half of the world’s SEO experts!

Here is new Google series specifically for beginner web-masters regarding how to get found in the Google search engine and even how to improve your website’s position/ranking/listing in Google – gee why didn’t they just say how to do SEO? because that’s what it is!

Further down on those pages linked above you can see some of Google’s tips for experienced webmasters, mainly about Google Search Console (formerly webmaster tools).

FINALLY a great video on that same page about why businesses should get online, it is also in the same series and narrated by Texan Google Ads and Analytics expert Anastasia Holdren whom I have met at a few Google Engage (now called Google Partner) conferences and is very nice.

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Targeting the right keywords is the Key to SEO

Which means the first step is always Keyword Research

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