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See below for screenshot and explanation of Keywords which is within the Your site on the web category.

Categories within Google's suite of Webmaster Tools

Here are the Google webmaster tools categories as they look when you are logged in (left).
Below is the same structure with clickable links which go to a Hard Web webpage with a screenshot of what is on that webmaster tools category page (in my own webmaster tools account).

Webmaster tools - Your site on the web - Keywords

What this webmaster tools report calls "Keywords" everyone else calls "Keyword density" which is a list of how many times an individual singular word keyword appears throughout a website.

This tool and the list it produces is a point of contention among webmaster tools users because of the words it leaves out.
In my example they leave out the word "web" which I have raised on the webmaster tools forums before...why is it not in the list? Does this mean my website is not ranked for searches which contain the word "web"? That is very bad for me and my business website which has as it's primary offering the service of "web design".

According to the Webmaster Tools help page: (following text is © 2018 Google Inc.)

"The Keywords list will sometimes exclude words that Google has determined to be boilerplate text or common words. The actual excluded words vary from site to site."

See the Google Webmaster tools Help page on "Keywords icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab" (new window).
There is also a help page for the major category "Your site on the web icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab" (new window) which contains the help links to the 5 sub categories.

Here is what the Keywords category looks like in Webmaster tools (below)

From within a webmaster tools account this graphic is a screenshot of the Keywords category

Screenshots on this page are copyright © 2018 Google Inc.
If this page is not helping then you must go to the fount...Google Webmaster Tools Help icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab (new window).
Also click to signup to get your own Webmaster tools account icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab (new window).


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