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See below for screenshot and explanation of Crawl stats.

Categories within Google's suite of Webmaster Tools

Here are the Google webmaster tools categories as they look when you are logged in (left).
Below is the same structure with clickable links which go to a Hard Web webpage with a screenshot of what is on that webmaster tools category page (in my own webmaster tools account).

Webmaster tools - Diagnostics - Crawl stats

From that Crawl stats help page (link below in help section) all it says is:
(© 2018 Google Inc) "Crawl stats provide information on Googlebot's activity on your site for the last 90 days. These stats take into account all content types that we download (such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and PDF files, and images). They also include AdSense fetches as well as fetches for some Google products such as Google News, Google Images, Google Scholar, etc."

I don't really know what they mean by "including Adsense and other Google product fetches"?
What about Analytics and Adwords?

Nevertheless I do like this tool because I can tell that the webpages I am interested in are being crawled and see roughly how many pages (1st graph) and how fast it takes to crawl a page (3rd graph) and if there are any drastic fluctuations.
On my website something very weird happened to get 23MB of data downloaded in a day?

See the Google webmaster tools Help page on "Crawl stats icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab" (new window) which explains the details of what it does.

Here is what the "Crawl stats" category looks like in Webmaster tools (see screenshot below).

From within a webmaster tools account this graphic is a screenshot of the Crawl stats category

Screenshots on this page are copyright © 2018 Google Inc.
If this page is not helping then you must go to the fount...Google Webmaster Tools Help icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab (new window).
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