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See below for screenshot and explanation of HTML Suggestions.

Categories within Google's suite of Webmaster Tools

Here are the Google webmaster tools categories as they look when you are logged in (left).
Below is the same structure with clickable links which go to a Hard Web webpage with a screenshot of what is on that webmaster tools category page (in my own webmaster tools account).

Webmaster tools - Diagnostics - HTML Suggestions

The "HTML Suggestions" category is a very useful tool in that if a problem is found, you can take immediate action that will ultimately improve your website's SEO and thus it's Google rankings.
The issues are usually a no-brainer to fix which makes this tool great!
The tool primarily reports any duplicate descriptions or titles in your website's pages.

Also it reported that some of my meta descriptions were too short (as in not enough words to make a good description) which I didn't realise was really a legitimate problem.

Here is a interesting Google Help on writing titles and descriptions and also how Google automatically compiles the titles and descriptions to make up the "snippets" that appear as your listing on a SERP icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab.

Here is what a screenshot of the "HTML Suggestions" category looks like in Webmaster tools (below). Also see further down the screenshot (below) of Hardweb's three reported "Short meta descriptions" which shows that 8 words is not enough for a decent meta description!?

From within a webmaster tools account this graphic is a screenshot of the HTML Suggestions category

Diagnotics - HTML Suggestions - Short URL screenshot

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