SEO related Infographics

Infographics, don't you love them!

Thanks to the creators of these 5 SEO related infographics who I hope are properly credited in the infographics themselves as well as the hyper-links I have prepared below.

New #1 is from Search Engine Journal but the thumbnail was too big
If you click on the image below the real image is very very long down the page and is also a hefty 1.7MB in file size so don't say I didn't warn you.

For the orginal article see
Killer SEO infographic by Search Engine Journal

#2 and my old favourite - The Periodic table of SEO Factors, click on graphic below for slight enlargement.
Also see original SEO article and infographic on the search engine land website.

Periodic Table of SEO factors

#3 - Assembling the pieces of the SEO Puzzle
see original article here and click below for enlargement of graphic.

SEO Puzzle infographic

#4 - Why do SEO? Good Question!
Answer - To get free advertising to promote your website!

See website of SEO guy Shawn Eric Olson (great initials!) from Idaho, USA who created this infographic below (I think).
Shawn also came up with this beautiful analogy I found on his homepage (link above) that I am repeating below.

“ I want you to think of your website as a single grain of sand on a beach. Now picture your grain of sand being surrounded by all the other billion grains of sand. Who on earth would be able to tell the difference between your website and the next?

You can also think of your company website as a giant billboard that is full of color and very vibrant and eye catching. The only problem is that the billboard is currently standing all alone in the Sahara desert. Nobody will ever see your beautiful work of art. ”

Thats why you need SEO! Thanks Shawn (as I unashamedly wipe tears from my eyes).

Why do SEO? Good Question! To get free advertising to promote your website

#5 - Why is Great SEO expensive?
Note - I don't think my excellent SEO is expensive at all. This infographic is for me to remind myself how difficult and how valuable SEO really is!

Link to original SEO infographic and article by SEObook here
Click below to see enlargement of infographic.

Why is great SEO expensive?

Author: David Thatcher

Google Partner status
In 2011 Hard Web first qualified to become a Google Partner after passing the required exams in Dec 2010. I stayed current for 4-5 years which required multiple yearly exams and because my business didn't actually make much money from setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns in proportion to how difficult it was to stay up with the game and to stay certified, I let the certification lapse and lost my partner status.
Good news is that Hard Web has now requalified (on Sat 27th October 2018) and is now a Google Partner again!
Here is the Google Partner badge which you can click on to see my Google Partner details (even though the cursor doesn't turn into a pointer?).

As a Google Partner, I have to have a disclaimer on every page that I show the badge to say that:
Hard Web's SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google. This is part of the Google Partner rules as follows.

“You cannot show the Partner or Premier Partner badge on any materials, such as websites, that advertise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services without a prominent notice saying such SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.”

Also see more information from Google about working with third party partners like Hard Web.
The document that is linked to is also known as the Google disclosure document and is a requirement of being an Google Ads reseller.

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The Web is now being served in many different hardware devices including tablet, mobile phone and ultrabook...
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