Website costs and design fees for a responsive web design by Hard Web
Also SEO prices and typical Google Ads management costs

I strive to give you excellent value for money because that is what I like to get when I spend my money David Thatcher Hard Web

Hard Web is a one person operation and this is one of the reasons my prices and costs are so low.

My pricing structure for a small business website is a flat rate $120.00 an hour for each hour spent towards the project which includes GST of 10%.

See more information down the page about what I charge you for and what I don't charge for.

I ask for progress payments each month, so if the job takes more than a couple of months I am paid for my work along the way. I supply you with a log of hours worked in my itemised Invoicing and details of what I worked on in that time.
I am a fast worker with the latest software and you will find I get a lot done in an hour.

I maintain a reasonable pricing structure because I don't have some of the overheads that my competitors have.
I have been doing this job for over twelve years and have a solid client base that is interested in maintaining an active web my marketing costs are below average.

What I charge you for

I would like to take this opportunity to explain why my fees are still great value!

Number 1 is that I am continually taking steps to increase my productivity by buying the latest software some of which takes some of the legwork out of web design.
i.e. see this program which makes nice navigation bars quickly, and
this program which does nice slideshows quickly.

Another big bonus to buying those programmes (for me and for you) was that I was forced to learn some new CSS3 coding which has some very cool effects and has large cross browser implementation so it is very useful.

So you will be getting more BANG for your buck!

My work for my clients (you) is usually either a combination of web design, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing mainly using Google Ads).

In 2013 I am only doing responsive web designs and now feel that I understand HTML5, CSS3 and media queries well enough so the extra time taken to implement a responsive website is dropping to manageable levels of about +10%.

I undertake my web work using the method that involves the highest degree of skill and technique which is by.hand coding HTML and CSS.

This means that I understand and can write HTML and CSS "by hand" if I need I don't necessarily type out all of the HTML code (I use Dreamweaver and the other time saving programmes I mentioned above), BUT I understand all of the HTML code that is generated - HTML code looks like this...

<a href="index.html"><img src="images/handgohome.gif" alt="Click to go back to home page" width="295" height="53" border="0" /></a>

... and when you make that particular code segment (above) part of the HTML code of a webpage, it looks like the picture below which is a "graphic" (picture) that is also a "hyperlink" (link) that when you click on it will take you back to the homepage of this website.

Click to go back to home page

Also I have been using the web "industry standard" programmes, Adobe™ Photoshop and Dreamweaver at a professional level for over 19 years. My web graphic (and .gif animation) work is executed quickly and professionally via Photoshop and I subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud so I get the latest programme versions updated immediately.

So What?

Good Question!

The thing is that to execute top notch web design where the website gets high rankings in Google organic searches (the job of SEO) and also to do highly "optimized" landing pages for Google Ads (part of the job of SEM) I need to control every bit of the code of the website and if I don't control the code, i.e using WordPress or other CMS (content management system) websites then the results (especially regarding SEO and SEM) aren't as good.

What Else?

I am still offering my 15mins per month deal which means you can instruct me to update your website and if it takes me less than 15min per calendar month then you are not billed for this time.
If it goes over the 15mins, i.e. say, on two occasions I made changes and it took a total of 20mins, then you would get a bill for 15mins.

I bill in 15min increments and if the time is 8 or 9 mins over the 15m increment, I will bill "back" to the shorter period but if it is 5mins or less "nearer" the longer 15min increment I will bill for the longer period. I don't necessarily bill for that 5mins of work that strictly I haven't done and if I feel it is unfair I will go back to the previous 15m increment to "be on the safe side". Normally I will try to fill up a remaining 5mins "gap" with something useful like a quick SEO review.

I keep the hours that I bill very accountable and try to make sure I only bill for work done.

At the end of the month I painstakingly review the hours I bill, via my diary entries and also cross check the email exchange between the client and myself.

If I am in any doubt about how long I spent on a job I consult the time-stamps of the files that I worked on.

The hours I don't bill you for include:

  • Time taken to turn on computer programmes.
  • Time taken to turn off computer programmes.
  • Time take to record billing in my diary or to record (and send) the Hard Web invoice via MYOB.
  • Time taken to get ready to start the work...I only bill when I have everything ready to begin work on that job.
  • Time taken to receive direct instructions on the work I am to undertake whether my email or by phone (only applies to straight forward instructions - see below*).
  • I like to check my work via Analytics reports and SEO results via rank checking programmes and also manual rank checking and unless I have an explicit agreement with you or you have asked me to do a rank check or setup an Analytics or Google Ads report I don't bill you for reporting on your Google position (rank) or your Analytics traffic or keyword lists.

The hours that I bill you for include:

  • Time taken to work on the job I have been instructed to do.
  • *Excess time taken for me to understand the instructions I have received whether by email or by phone (this only happens when the instructions are vague or not clearly explained or are taking a long time to deliver via email or phone because they are not finally decided when I receive them, or I am modifying them (by making suggestions) as we are speaking, or I have to email back to clarify the instructions or to suggest a better way of doing it.
  • If the work is undertaken via an agreed price for a "package" website then time "outside" of the agreed terms or agreed quote will be charged for.

Google Ads

To enquire about Google Ad campaigns for your business or Web Design or SEO
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or email
Thank you.
Established in 1999 2019 will be Hard Web's 20th year of trading!
Hard Web is now in it's 19th year of trading on the Gold Coast!
The Web is now being served in many different hardware devices including tablet, mobile phone and ultrabook
The Web is now being served in many different hardware devices including tablet, mobile phone and ultrabook...
contact Hard Web to find out how you can optimise your website to suit different delivery devices.
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