Get a Professional Google Ads Account setup and Google Ads Campaigns managed by a genuine Google Partner.
Hard Web specialises in serving the needs of small to medium sized local Gold Coast businesses on a personal level

Google Ads at the top and in the right hand gutter column on a typical Google SERP (search engine results page) in Oct 2015

This is an image of a typical Google search engine results page (or SERP) showing Google Ads text Ads and organic listings in Oct 2015.
See an older Moz article about the anatomy of a Google SERP which is a bit out of date because Google is always playing around with it's SERP.
See a more recent article showing some recent changes to the "anatomy of a Google local search results page".

Hard Web can setup and monitor a finely targeted Google Ads campaign for your Gold Coast business and tailor Google Ads for a local, regional, state, national or global market.

The job of Google Ads management involves many factors but most important is keyword research to target the words you want to pay for and which when a user types or speaks them into Google search will trigger your Google Ads ad to appear on the resulting Google results page.
Other important factors that make up diligent management include daily budget optimisations (the most targeted clicks for the money you spend), monthly cost estimation, writing the Google Ads Ad text that appears on the Google results page, keyword bidding, landing page optimisation, and many other aspects of the Google Ads procedure which may take you weeks or months to fully understand.

Letting Hard Web optimize your Google Ads accounts will first save you time and then when Google Ads is running efficiently it will save you money.
In some cases Hard Web has saved hundreds of our client's marketing dollars per week. Those cases are when Google Ads has been running for some time but was originally set up incorrectly and with insufficient research and monitoring so wasted clicks abound.

By properly targeting your Google Ads campaign you save money and get many more "real" leads instead of paying for visitors to your website who are not eligible prospects.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and refers to paid advertising on the internet.
I have been individually certified since Dec 2010 in Google's main SEM product: Google Ads. I am individually qualified in two of the three "specialist areas" of Google Ads namely Search Advertising and Reporting and Analysis (which is no longer offered as a specialist area).
In 2018 the the other specialist streams of Google Ads are Display, Shopping, Video and Mobile.

This means that I am able to professionally manage your Google Ads campaign and will maximize your Google Ads campaign's effectiveness.
In November 2011 my business Hard Web AdPad first qualified to be a Google Partner, now in Oct 2018 I have requalified after letting it lapse for a few years.

My aims as your Google Ads manager are many but the basic aims are to try to make your Google Ads dollar spend go further by properly targeting the campaign to real prospective customers of your business (avoiding clicks by non-prospects).
I will also try to reduce the CPC (cost per click) which on a fixed daily budget, means that you will have more prospects clicking on your Ad.
Typically other parts of the job of Google Ads management might entail:

  • Setting up automated reports that verify the effectiveness (or not) of the Google Ads campaign
  • Making sure the keyword lists are right for you and that the keyword "match type" is the best for your needs
  • Making sure the Ad text is compelling and contains keywords
  • Making sure the landing page contains keywords so the Quality score (QS) is raised which in turn lowers the CPC (Cost per Click)
  • If necessary, to split the Google Ads Campaign into multiple campaigns and/or Ad Groups which helps analysis of it's effectiveness
  • Setting up a "conversion" or "goal" activity that denotes a desired visitor behavior such as buying or enquiring
  • Making sure the the geographic targeting is right for you

New Google Ads "Partners" replaces Google Ads Certified Partner Program

At first I thought I was going to have to resit the Partner exams early but Benjamin Mangold of Loves Data set me straight in his Google+ post.

The new "Google Partners" requirements are similiar to the previous with a couple of bizarre twists, well at least the terminology is bizarre, we have healthy, invest, serve and pledge?
I am interested in my "signals" being "looked at" by Google (see heading "Serve your customers" below ) but knowing Google it will be an automated assessment. If it was a real manual assessment some of the bigger players in Google Ads Management like Sensis might be found wanting I think.

Below is excerpted from this Google help page.

To earn the Partner badge, your company must fulfill these requirements:

  • Run a healthy business:
    Your MCC needs to remain active with a minimum spend of $10k in at least 60 of the last 90 days.
  • Invest in your team:
    At least one member of your team must be certified in Google Ads by passing at least two Google certification exams, including one fundamental and one advanced exam.
  • Follow Google best practices:
    Demonstrate in your accounts that you've mastered the essentials covered in the Google certification exams and that you are effectively managing your clients' campaign performance.
  • Serve your customers:
    We look at signals that indicate your clients are receiving excellent service, such as account activity, client retention, and whether you are making the most of their budgets, big or small.
  • Take the Partner's Pledge:
    Be a champion for by helping businesses succeed online every day.

I am happier with my own pledge below AND it has better English than Google's pledge above...

I promise to try to keep up with the continuous changes to Google Ads and to apply the best and most up to date Google Ads techniques that will keep my clients ahead of their competition and to try my best to help their businesses meet their goals during the time their Google Ads account is under my control

So help me Goo.

SEM using Google Ads

SEM is Search Engine Marketing whereas SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. SEM is where you pay search engines such as Google to get your Ads placed on the search engine results pages (and other places) and SEO is where you pay me to try to improve your rankings in the "free" or "organic" listings.

Adwords is a Google SEM product, in fact it is the world's biggest SEM product.

Here is my official Google Academic Record that shows I am Google Ads Qualified - Search Advertising icon to indicate hyperlink opens in new tab and in Nov 2011 Hard Web qualified to become a Google Partner, which lapsed a few years later but now in Oct 2018 I have requalified.

I offer Google Ads campaign optimization to my customers and other Gold Coast small businesses that require Google Ads setup or optimization.
Google Ads is a huge part of online marketing and for many products and services it is is quickly becoming the biggest part of a companies "marketing mix".

My advice is not to wait for the biggest opportunities to pass, get on the Google Ads freight train now because being early is a very good idea...otherwise you may get "rolled" by your competitors who did get on early...I am seeing smaller companies leapfrog established businesses because of their early dedication to learning about how Google Ads can work for them.
I don't believe Google Ads works efficiently "out of the box" and you can waste a lot of money on clicks that are not targeted to your prospective customers.

I still offer SEO services but will also be advising on SEM which in general will get results much quicker than SEO.
I believe Google Ads clicks will be cheaper if the website has some SEO applied to it and generally I do some SEO on a website before I start the Google Ads because it improves the Quality Score QS of the keywords which lowers the cost per click CPC.

Quality Score QS is an Google Ads measurement of correlation of particular parts of an Google Ads campaign such as the keywords, the Ad text and the landing page and the higher their correlation the higher the QS which means lower costs per click which we can all agree is very desirable!

If you are confused about all of this please call me on 5526 2939 and I will explain the costs and benefits of the two similiar services.

Author: David Thatcher

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Google Partner status
In 2011 Hard Web first qualified to become a Google Partner after passing the required exams in Dec 2010. I stayed current for 4-5 years which required multiple yearly exams and because my business didn't actually make much money from setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns in proportion to how difficult it was to stay up with the game and to stay certified, I let the certification lapse and lost my partner status.
Good news is that Hard Web has now requalified (on Sat 27th October 2018) and is now a Google Partner again!
Here is the Google Partner badge which you can click on to see my Google Partner details (even though the cursor doesn't turn into a pointer?).

As a Google Partner, I have to have a disclaimer on every page that I show the badge to say that:
Hard Web's SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google. This is part of the Google Partner rules as follows.

“You cannot show the Partner or Premier Partner badge on any materials, such as websites, that advertise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services without a prominent notice saying such SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.”

Also see more information from Google about working with third party partners like Hard Web.
The document that is linked to is also known as the Google disclosure document and is a requirement of being an Google Ads reseller.

To enquire about Google Ad campaigns for your business or Web Design or SEO
Please call Office: (07) 5526 2939
or Mobile: 0401 352 269

or email
Thank you.
Google Ads News
Google Ads soon to target lists of individual email addresses
This is going to be big!
Apart from privacy concerns being able to target existing customers by their email addresses sounds like a nice idea and sounds like Google is trying to combat the better social targeting that Facebook advertising may have?
See the Google announcement on their blog.

Trust in search ads in increasing according to a Nielsen study and that is a good thing for advertisers using Google Ads.
See reports from Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

Google Map showing Hard Web

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